Sunday, October 24, 2010

Hello blog

Hey blog, how you doing?

and how's everyone doing? I know no one's here cos I've been changing my URL around and not informing anyone of these changes and keeping this like a private diary but oh wells, I'm back on this really gloomy Sunday.

It's probably really gloomy because of how I feel. I haven't gotten a job yet! so devo. (ahaha don't I sound like a little bitch), but no, I am pretty devastated because I got rejected so many times. My friend told me to go work at Coles in Burwood with him! Lols. Coles. ... sigh I should've went for Kmart/Target again aye? Oh wells. yeah, so I'm pretty much jobless, moneyless, cameraless, heatless (I'm so cold right now!), and self-esteem-less T_T.

So wassup?
I have a maths test in 6 days and it's my finals and I don't know anything!! :( it's pretty hard and I'm not motivated to study at all! For any of my subjects. I'm so doomed.
Jobless failure.
I can't even pronounce failure. lols

but I have been doing something lately and that is carry my ninhtendo (Nintendo) ds lite around! lols, and playing Super Mario 64 DS :)

yeah, this is how Shirley spends her uber awesome time. ;D
well anyways. I think I'm going to move blogs.
mm yeah. soon. maybe tonight. I think I'll make the other one public and this one private.
this is the new blog :)
alrighty, cheerio; talk to you another time

brrr so cold >< xoxo.

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