Monday, October 25, 2010


I know theres still a bit to go til 2011, but the diaries are out and I want one!
The Kikki.K one is sooo cuteee :)

but it's $29.95 :(

There's also typo ones which I sorta like, but yeah :( oh wells, I should go hunting some more after my exams... Yes exams. I have an exam on Saturday! OMG! :( it's maths as well! I'm really unprepared - for any of them! oh wells.

well I was thinking of doing a makeup post later on :) not a tute; just on products, and in a future post I shall post about all my Hello Kitty collection and then my plushie collection from claw machines! My boyfriend has some more so I shall go to his house one day and take photos of those too xD. 

mmk that's all for this post but later I'll post about some things I bought and stuff :D woo! It's actually looking like a typical girl's blog now! :) 
but I wanna be different... in what ways can I be different? hmmm...
I'll think about that, if anyone's reading, please leave a comment down belowww. =3

toOdles noOdles.

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