Sunday, October 31, 2010


I won't be blogging alot for a while. Like, daily posts about my day and all. I was going to. I had some things lined up... but I don't think I wanna blog about them anymore.

I'm really afraid to do things nowadays... because I have so many memories I'm hiding. I have alot of things that I keep locked up now, in my head, and I try to avoid things that remind me of things inside that safe.
Like How I Met Your Mother, or my formal dress, or music.
I went 4 days without music guys! I actually did it. Like my own music. Well last night at a party I went to, there was a song being played which just made all those memories flood back. I think I'll just listen to house/trance/whatever-you-wanna-call-it music now on. No (not much anyways) lyrics, no thoughts, no pain.
I guess some things are unavoidable.
And probably inevitable.

I know right? I'm living my life in fear right? Like a person with a mental disorder (I've been learning about that in psychology...) well. I don't know. What do you want me to do? Not live?
Ha. I wish.

Anyways sorry about this post and the lack of blogs,
I have exams to study for anyways... don't you have exams to study for?
Lol, hope you don't. Well good luck everyone, take care xoxo.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

What if they didn't want to wake up?

What if Sleeping Beauty or Snow White didn't want to wake up from their sleep? I mean, sure they got a happily ever after, but how did you know their dreams weren't better than reality?
I mean a dream is a wish your heart makes right?

I have a post about today, but I don't know if I'm bothered uploading the photos in time! >< sorry, I'll write the post and save it anyways :D 

see you really soon! xoxo.

Friday, October 29, 2010

I miss you.

hmm, so there I was, sitting at central plaza, eating my KFC Popcorn Chicken Snackbox. The chips were the nicest I have tasted in a long while. The Popcorn chicken was so yummy. But I couldn't enjoy it. Not without you and not when everything's turned grey.

Anyways hey guys :) check out this poster at the end of my street xD I did't know what it's about but it's interesting-ish. Cute Is What We Aim For is a music band for those who don't know (like me ahahah)


anyways at Sportsgirl there's Mo' Pencils! Pencils with MOUSTACHES ON THEM! Ahh I wish I took a photo! I will next time!

Okay, enough procrastinating. Back to maths now :)
Laters :) xoxo

I want to have pretty things to take pretty photographs :D

This is my attempt of a pretty photo ahahas


Submitted by framedthoughts

*Glasses - Typo - $10 - I lost the little oval silver thing of one side! Oh wells :(
*Ninny the Giraffe - City Beach - $2
*Hair Bows - Altogether ~$5 - Bargained it at Flemington Markets :D

Oh and also, I want a dslr camera so I can take pretty photos! Or a Diana camera for lomo :)

Nikon D5000 dslr! <3

Diana F lomography camera :)

Mmm that's all for now because my exam's tomorrow and I haven't studied! Cos I've pretty much given up hope, I mean, I can't fit 1 semesters worth of material into like a week, let alone 1-2 days! I wish I can focus on my other subjects instead.

Well have fun whereever you are :)
Lots of love, xoxo

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

And it all turned grey...

welcome to my grey blog everyone.

the sky's the limit.

lol I took photos of the sky for this xD

What should I do? LBJ x Nike

Do what you want to do. Don't let people's expectations and judgements pin you down.
Just do what you want to.
Be you.

It took me a while to understand this ad, but when I did I think it's pretty effective. It's like the Tiger Woods come back ad, with his deceased father's voice.. but this is less creepy and more awesome :D 

Solve the mystery.

I still have my old blog.
What happened to my old you might ask? I'm still blogging on it, well ranting more like it. It's just gonna store the negative me.
The URL? oh well you'd have to try and guess.
This is my happy, normal blog. The other is my bitter, emo blog.
Guess the URL correctly and you shall find it. But why would you want to find it?
That's the mystery itself.

You're only going to live once.

Okay, if you're Buddhist you won't agree with my title, but what I meant is that, you only live once as you. As you in this time - at this moment.
You only live once. (8) So take a chance and don't ever look back.

How's everyone? I wasn't going to blog today. Today's a sad day :( I was fully looking foward to getting into bball too. Start liking what... he likes...  but hey, here I am and I don't even know what to blog about lol.

Ah got it. Have you ever intended to give someone something but then it was so pretty you want it all for yourself? LOL, may it be something you made, something you bought, or something that you have and want to sell. That's what happened to me today! I found a lovely present for my friend who's birthday is coming up and my mum told me o keep it cos it suits me and it's so pretty! Ahahaha, but I'm not though, but I would want one for myself xD. I'm not even sure if she'll like it or not. I'm not even sure if she'll use it or not. LOL, oh wells, it's a present and I hope she likes it :).

Stupid weather isn't it? It was half dark and half sunny. Half hot and half cold. Sorta like me at the moment. Stuck in the middle. Happy or sad. Regret or relief? Oh wells.

Sorta freaking out cos maths is in THREE DAYS! I might die. I might just die. I don't know how to apply those formulas in my notes to anything! I don't know how to solve these problems! Why didn't I study throughout the year? Why didn't I try to understand? Oh, that's right; I was so flooded with assessments! How could I've studied regularly without feeling tired all the time? I'm not really a smart person, or a person that is diligent (despite that all teachers in high school described me as so) I'm not hard working. I rather sit at home watching youtube, tumblr`ing or facebook`ing. And now this is what happens to me. Lol, well if you have exams, hopefully you're more well prepared than I am!

I'll blog more later ok? Good luck everyone!
xoxo :)

Summary of my day:

:< ...

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Josh Thomas x GNW = lol

So I guess this is how my blog is different! I have multiple posts sometimes per day, and I just blog/post photos/write random stuff :D:D
it's blogger x tumblr! :D


So... I make a few typographics and stuff from time to time, so I might just post them randomly, just so this isn't an all text blog :) so I'll just randomly drop a typographic bomb :D.

like.... now!

Wake up to the sunshine :) + a Bio-oil review at the end

Hey everyone :) sup?

It's nice and sunny today isn't it? :) awesome spring weather, hopefully it doesn't turn around and rain like it did on Saturday! Hot + rain = ew :(. Lols, anyways, I just woke up today :D ahhhh nothing like not having to wake up and go to uni! Anyways what should I blog about? Maybe I should have categories and switch in between them every day.. like... Technology Tuesday! Nah, I'll never keep to that. Well I don't know... Oh okay, I'll blog about a product I've used :) just like those reviewers on the internet! Hopefully people will read this and find it useful ahahah. Ok, so, I'll put it at the end of my post, so people who don't want to read the review can just stop where the black font stops :) Anways, has anyone wondered why the floppy disk (it's not even floppy, and the hard disk (remember those big black ones?) is not hard.) is still the symbol for "save"? I don't know if that's the same for mac users, but us window users have this:

I wonder how does that still mean save? To me it means Save to floppy disk drive. LOLs. Don't you find it a bit weird? I guess icons don't change even when the programs do.

Anyways, that's all for now, I'll blog again later :) or tomorrow :)

Here's my mini-not-so-formal-review on bio-oil:

Product review: Bio-oil
- Purpose (from the box/bottle): Skincare oil used for scars, stretchmarks, uneven skin tone, ageing skin, dehydrated skin
- Price: I paid $24.50 for it :) - 200mL bottle
- Started using: 30 August 2010

So I bought this product initially for my pimple scarring and, if you know me, you know that I scar heaps, and very easily! I scar from little scratches, mosquito bites, and all that - I know everyone scars from those things, but I've had my mosquito bite scars for just a little bit over a year now, and it shows no signs of fading :(. 
So I decided to give this ago, but I only used it on a few places - my arms, face and chest area :). [N.B. It is recommended to use this product twice daily for a MINIMUM OF 3 MONTHS - so you have to stick at it or else you won't see results, I havent been using it for as long but here's my review, I'll give a follow up review when it hits 3 months] Now about my face, I was using it for like around 3 weeks or something, but I was scared it was making me break out even more because it is, essentially, oil. It feels oily for a bit after application, but then if you really rub it into your skin, it'll absorb it and it'll be alright. But, I was still scared to use it on my face cos of how many pimples I have so I just use it for spot treatment about once every one-two days instead. Well where I saw a difference was on my arm, where I have this gigantic mark; it's not a birth mark, but it looks like one and I have a few scars there from vaccinations when I was younger and my whole right forearm is just marked and not really fun to look at =/. Well so I've been applying this mostly once a day because in the mornings I don't have time to apply it and then wait a bit so it doesn't go on my clothes, but I think it's actually fading. I know it's not a miracle serum which makes scars disappear, no it's not like that, but I'm seeing a bit of a difference as the mark is lighter! So, I think with peserverance, you will see results and it's up to you to try it out and it really depends on what type of scarring you have. 
Now I know 3 months minimum is a long time but I've used like maybe 1/15th of a bottle, you don't need much at all and my arm's a pretty big area. Here I'll show you a photo of how much I used.

It's a bit pricey but definately try it, or a little bottle, if you have any scars :). It smells alright, not that strong and even though it looks orange, when you apply it theres no pigment and it hardly rubs off onto your clothes.

So there's my review :) 
laters xoxo.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Make your mouth water


Photo source:

yummmm! Makes me wanna put a tapeworm inside me just so I can binge on fast foods FOREVER! :) lols. That's unhealthy, don't attempt it kiddos! :3


I know theres still a bit to go til 2011, but the diaries are out and I want one!
The Kikki.K one is sooo cuteee :)

but it's $29.95 :(

There's also typo ones which I sorta like, but yeah :( oh wells, I should go hunting some more after my exams... Yes exams. I have an exam on Saturday! OMG! :( it's maths as well! I'm really unprepared - for any of them! oh wells.

well I was thinking of doing a makeup post later on :) not a tute; just on products, and in a future post I shall post about all my Hello Kitty collection and then my plushie collection from claw machines! My boyfriend has some more so I shall go to his house one day and take photos of those too xD. 

mmk that's all for this post but later I'll post about some things I bought and stuff :D woo! It's actually looking like a typical girl's blog now! :) 
but I wanna be different... in what ways can I be different? hmmm...
I'll think about that, if anyone's reading, please leave a comment down belowww. =3

toOdles noOdles.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Hello blog

Hey blog, how you doing?

and how's everyone doing? I know no one's here cos I've been changing my URL around and not informing anyone of these changes and keeping this like a private diary but oh wells, I'm back on this really gloomy Sunday.

It's probably really gloomy because of how I feel. I haven't gotten a job yet! so devo. (ahaha don't I sound like a little bitch), but no, I am pretty devastated because I got rejected so many times. My friend told me to go work at Coles in Burwood with him! Lols. Coles. ... sigh I should've went for Kmart/Target again aye? Oh wells. yeah, so I'm pretty much jobless, moneyless, cameraless, heatless (I'm so cold right now!), and self-esteem-less T_T.

So wassup?
I have a maths test in 6 days and it's my finals and I don't know anything!! :( it's pretty hard and I'm not motivated to study at all! For any of my subjects. I'm so doomed.
Jobless failure.
I can't even pronounce failure. lols

but I have been doing something lately and that is carry my ninhtendo (Nintendo) ds lite around! lols, and playing Super Mario 64 DS :)

yeah, this is how Shirley spends her uber awesome time. ;D
well anyways. I think I'm going to move blogs.
mm yeah. soon. maybe tonight. I think I'll make the other one public and this one private.
this is the new blog :)
alrighty, cheerio; talk to you another time

brrr so cold >< xoxo.